Mata Suffers Downfall

The career of Juan Mata during this year has suffered a downfall after going through a disastrous debut season as a player of Manchester United where the Premier League club was not even able to secure a top 5 spot in the English League and during the 2014 World Cup Juan Mata was being used mostly as a substitute as well as only being featured in 1 match.

So far, 2014 has not exactly been the best year for the Spanish midfielder who is hoping that things can take a turn for the best in the next season which is only a few hours away from kicking off in full force.

He said: “Last season was obviously very difficult for the club but everyone was so nice to me, the players, the manager, and the supporters. I’m looking forward now to the start of the new season when I hope to kick-start with some winning form. It’s important to understand how big the club is and to learn about the history of the club and its many trophies. I was really keen to see them all, which is why I went to the museum and I wanted to know more about our club. Going away on tour is also always a great way to see how big the club is over the world’’

“You can sense it back home inEnglandof course, but even on the pre-season tour of theUSyou had the fans waiting for us everywhere and the local press is very interested in what we do. As a team, we’ll be looking to win again. It’s part of the club’s mentality to always be fighting for trophies.”

Juan Mata is expecting that the next season will bring forward success for him and Manchester United and especially now that he can play in his natural role of playing behind the strikers which is something that he was not able to do in the previous season when David Moyes was in charge and Moyes decided to put Mata in positions where the Spanish player was uncomfortable.